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Residential Care

Sometimes, the level of help and care an individual needs is better provided in a residential setting. Care homes offer nursing care and/or residential care which are for people who don’t need a registered nurse to help look after them. Many homes have special dementia departments to give specialist care for those who have lost mental capacity.

There is a huge range of care homes throughout the country, with an equally huge range of fees being charged. Many homes charge a different fee for private residents than Local Authority placed residents. It is increasingly common for homes or Local Authorities to request a top up payment, for Local Authority funded residents, to pay the difference between the two rates. The rules on top up payments are complex and many people are paying top ups unnecessarily.  It pays to get advice from a professional who can guide you through the care fees maze.

Financial Guidance for Residential Care

If you have found a home you would like your elderly relative to live in for their lifetime, obtaining personal advice on benefits and funding options is advisable as early as possible.

Those who do can achieve peace of mind they have explored all the options and may be able to guarantee their elderly relative can remain in the care home of choice for life.

Residential Care

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