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Long Term Care

Our expert advice will suit the needs of your family

The whole process of dealing with an elderly relative who needs care can be difficult, emotive and stressful. The Wealth Care Partnership specialise in giving advice on Long Term Care solutions by working closely with the family members concerned.  We can put together a comprehensive package of measures to assist in every aspect, from dealing with existing investments and property arrangements to setting up Immediate Care Plans.

We will guide you through the maze of legislation, benefits and financial options so that you can be sure that you make the right decisions for the right reasons for your family.

Financial Advice for Long Term Care

Despite the fact that we are living longer and more people will need advice on funding Long Term Care, there are very few specialist financial advisers who focus their day to day activities on helping the elderly and their families.

The Wealth Care Partnership is one of those rare firms who are committed to building a centre of excellence, giving old fashioned personal service to older people and their families. Our advisers understand the care system and can give invaluable assistance to people embarking on the care journey.

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