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Care at home

People often think they must move into a care home to receive long term care and sometimes they are not given the choice to stay at home. Often a move to a care home is convenient for the family or because they are worried about the older person’s safety.  Certain properties are not ideal for care at home but with some basic alterations, could be suitable and some of these alterations and adaptions can be provided by Social Services.

People often wish to remain in their own homes but it is important these people don’t become socially isolated, lonely and depressed. Getting the right level of care at home can be challenging but there are many excellent home care companies who will do an assessment right at the beginning and let you know what levels of care are ideal.

Financial guidance for Care at Home

With the ongoing costs of running the home and the additional cost of carers coming in, some people reduce the level of help they get because they’re worried about whether they can afford the fees, sometimes with tragic consequences.

As soon as long term care fees are payable for care at home, it is vitally important the older person and/or their attorneys speak to one of our Independent Care Fees Specialists to establish how to pay for the level of care required and protect the savings from dramatically going down.

Sometimes, a simple review of the older person’s savings, income and expenditure can put their minds at rest. Certain benefits may not be received and our advisers will identify and guide all concerned to the best way to move forward.

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