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Cash Deposit Calculator

Cash Deposit Calculator

Could you be getting a better interest rate for your savings?

Use the calculator below to see what the best potential return is over the timescale you select.

Not only can we source the best current rates, we can ensure all your savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) by spreading it across different companies and not exceeding the maximum amount of £85,000 in any one bank or building society’s products.

Each year, we review the accounts and make recommendations to switch to keep in the best interest-bearing accounts. We get all the paperwork and necessary identification verification for each selected account sorted for you, taking the hassle and stress out of moving from one account to another.

Contact us on 01425 653263 to find out how to get the best interest rates for your savings.

Select the type of savings accounts you wish to review.
Enter the total amount you hold on deposit
Enter the rate of interest you currently receive.
Select the level of tax you pay.
View your existing return

These figures are indicative of what can be achieved as all portfolios depend upon your specific requirements.

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