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Reviewing your Wealth for Retirement

Healthier lifestyles and better medication mean more of us than ever are living past the age of 100 according to the latest report from the Office for National Statistics (March 2014). Among the statistics it found:

• More than 13,000 people in the UK were over 100 in 2012, up from just 24 in 1917 when King George V introduced special telegrams for centenarians.
• Buckingham Palace sent out almost 10,000 100th birthday cards in 2011.
• The number of people aged 100 or over has increased by 73% in the last Decade up until 2012.
• 660 people in the UK were estimated to be aged at least 105 in 2012.
• Half a million people in Britain were aged 90 or over in 2012.

But while these extra years give us much to celebrate, the downside is that they’re not always spent in the best of health. The report found that while a newborn girl can expect to live to 83 years, only an average of 64.8 of these will be spent in good health. For a newborn boy, the equivalent figures are a life expectancy of 79.2 years, of which 63.5 years are in good health.

As more people live into their eighties or nineties and beyond, pressure is on the government to ensure that changes are made in work, society, health and social care to meet the needs of the ageing population.

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