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Wealth Protection

Reducing your Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability remains a major concern to many.

Those married couples with estates greater than £650,000 may wish to consider mitigating their potential IHT liability. With over 40 years experience we can advise on all aspects from trusts and gifts to life insurance and investments.

Effective investment management & tax planning, needs considered expert advice.  The Wealth Care Partnership’s existing clients can testify to the success of our expertise in delivering the right solution.  Whether it is your hard-earned savings, or an inheritance, we can explain and deliver the most beneficial plan for you.

Getting the right advice

Advice on pensions management is becoming increasingly complex, yet ever more important, as we strive to maintain our lifestyles after retirement.  We can provide this as part of an overall financial plan or a focused retirement review. 

Learn all you need to about protecting your wealth and income for your own retirement and future generations.  Call free on 0800 652 8232 to speak to one of our advisers or contact us by clicking the button below:

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