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Client Charter Codes of Practice

The Wealth Care Partnership shall always:

  • be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • provide each and every client with a dedicated charter and a copy of this code at the earliest opportunity.
  • at all times act with honesty and integrity, providing each and every family with the utmost dignity, respect and courtesy.
  • where appropriate, offer home visits as an alternative to an office visit. 
  • ensure  that  their advisers are  competent  and  fully  up  to  date  to  advise  on  all  aspects surrounding care fees planning.
  • ensure that they conduct comprehensive and detailed fact-finding with every client, before any advice is given.
  • provide families with the best possible business practice, issuing our Client Agreement, setting out our charging structure at the earliest opportunity.
  • ensure  that  all  relevant  and  appropriate  information  is  openly  disclosed  to families, before the completion of a transaction.
  • ensure that all advice given is the most appropriate for their client’s circumstances and, where appropriate, the client will be advised to seek a Continuing Care Assessment.
  • declare any conflicts of interest immediately.
  • endeavour to follow a plain English policy and communicate in easy, understandable language, avoiding industry jargon wherever possible. 
  • be aware that some clients may have hearing and visual difficulties and should  take  this  into  account  when  communicating,  for  example,  written correspondence can be in large typeface and bold print. 
  • where appropriate, encourage all close family members and/or attorneys to discuss the implications of the advice.
  • where appropriate, liaise with colleagues in other professions, such as solicitors and accountants.

Client Charter

The Wealth Care Partnership promise to:

  • respond  to  your  initial  or  follow  up  enquiry  within  one working day of receipt
  • treat  you  and  your  family  with  the  utmost  respect  and courtesy.
  • always send communications to you by first class post
  • send a confirmation  letter  once an appointment has been made, (unless  the  appointment  is  booked  for less than two days hence).
  • provide you with a Client Agreement at the earliest opportunity providing you with the cost of our services.
  • keep you  informed  about  the  progress  of  your application/investment on a weekly basis.
  • always  send  written confirmation of the quotes received and your personalized illustration for the most competitive company together with their  Key  Features  Document  within  two  working  days  following  receipt  of  final  underwritten figures (where appropriate).
  • provide personalized illustrations and Key Features or other documents for investments which require no underwriting, at the earliest opportunity issue a full suitability report within 14 working days of receiving acceptance of terms
  • always send your policy documents promptly.
  • provide you with clear, concise and timely invoices (if appropriate).

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